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Malaysian Met department denies viral claims over low temperatues

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Meteorological department (MetMalaysia) denied on Saturday (Jan 13) that it issued information regarding a drop in temperature to 17 degrees Celsius.

MetMalaysia was responding to viral posts on social media that attributed false claims to the department. The viral posts said that Malaysia was experiencing a drastic drop in temperature, with temperatures in Tawau falling to 17.6 degrees Celsius. The viral posts also advised the public to wear thick clothing at night in order to avoid falling ill. 

Addressing the misinformation, MetMalaysia said the minimum temperature recorded on Saturday was 21 degrees Celsius in Mersing and Kuala Pilah, while other locations recorded a minimum temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius, mainly during the early hours of the morning.

“The drop in temperature follows overcast weather, sustained rain and the movement of cool wind as a result of the northeast monsoon which is estimated to persist until Sunday,” MetMalaysia said in a statement.

It’s cool but not so cold in Malaysia that you’ll have to wear thick clothes at night to avoid a sudden drop in body temperature, says @malaysianmet, denying claims on social media. The cool spell is expected to end on Sunday. pic.twitter.com/ECqaTIJ1Lk

— Sumisha Naidu (@SumishaCNA) January 13, 2018

MetMalaysia also advised the public to obtain official weather information through its website, Facebook or Twitter.


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